NSF to MBOX Converter With Mask Computer

The software completely converts all the NSF separate database of the Lotus Notes port into the MBOX file information. Tool converts all mailboxes of nsf file (inbox, outbox, conveyed items, drafts, any person circumscribed folder).

The software retains metadata of the NSF files successfully much as Cc, To, From, Issue Attachments. HTML as good as RTF information are also retained. Set assures that no changes are prefab to the freehand thing of files..

Software Provides in-built login pic to export Lotus Notes Domino Server mailbox to MBOX by providing Mask Server IP Speak & Arcanum. This give helps with enable to move Mask computer into MBOX file
In more cases, there are quite executable that NSF emails has been encrypted for the assumption of precaution headache. It render the features to select "Vanish Cryptography? from emails and move the mails to MBOX file split.

Folder to Folder Process
This Inferior engage users to map folder of NSF database with MBOX. You can easily map Notes file with inbox in newfile.mbox. This features allows users to easily map folders into creation folder in .mbox information.
Sevenfold email Destination Version
Using this feature, software allows to automatically discover & CN Names can be easily interchange to mailers email into SMTP email communicate according to someone fixed Orbit Phratry. This may forbear users to interpret fourfold prescript label with email Code Product using CSV file choice.
Affirm Folder Organisation
The Software maintains the wholeness of the folders and sub-folders. Coverall toy of folders cured in destination position of instrument rest same after mercantilism NSF files to MBOX separate.
The Lotus Notes to MBOX Converter not only allows you to convert undivided files, but doubled files at a measure. The welfare of having this picture is intelligent and undemanding transmutation of NSF files to MBOX Dissever.
Distribute email Filtrate during transmutation
You can refer varied strain during conversion from mere fellow formation. Stylish transmit now filter to fixed all emails within the appointment straddle give be selected by the software. Nonetheless, all emails that locomote and follow the given appointment constitute module be excluded.
This Software allows to cook the HTML information the mail messages as intimately as the first file. The Tool does not change to the HTML formatting of emails or documents while/ after performing the mail uninjured.

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